About Sarah Ellis

I could give you the highlights of my acting credits, tell you where I'm from and where I studied acting, but I think it's much more interesting to explain what compels me to act, write and produce films. The fact is, I do these things to bring some relief to my fellow humans. Let's face it, life is tough. To quote Margaret Chenowith (one of my favorite characters in the television series Six Feet Under, played by the hilarious & brilliant Joanna Cassidy): "Life's so *ucking hard even when it's easy."

If you've lived long enough, chances are you've probably experienced a certain amount of suffering. I happen to believe this is part of our journey to spiritual enlightenment, but that doesn't mean we need to suffer alone. Case in point, my favorite scene in one of favorite movies, American Beauty, is when Annette Bening, who plays an unhappily married real estate agent, dejectedly closes the blinds in a house that she's been trying to sell unsuccessfully all day. Her despair becomes painfully evident as she breaks down sobbing behind the closed blinds and then begins violently smacking her face while calling herself horrible names. Witnessing her breakdown always gives me the chills because a) Bening's performance is so good and b) enormous compassion and relief is ignited within me as a result of this remarkable performance. That's why I make art - so people are aware that they are not alone in times of emotional turmoil. And to remind them that help is always available; we just need to get over our egos and ask for it.

I also really enjoy the free food at craft services.

-Sarah Ellis